How to Study for Math and Science Exams


One of the biggest challenges for high school and university students is learning how to study effectively for exams.

To help you out I’ve put together some tips to help you study for your math and science courses.

  1. Read over examples and make sure you understand them
  2. Memorize formulas and definitions (do this even if you will be given formulas on the exam – it will help your time management if you don’t have to look up formulas all the time)
  3. Redo test questions you got wrong and make sure you can do them without looking at the answer
  4. Review word problems and make sure you know how to convert them into math
  5. Complete study packages your teachers/professors have given you (they gave them to you for a reason!)
  6. While completing 1-5 make summary notes (writing out the information again helps to jog your memory before the exam)

Don’t leave your studying until the last minute. With math and science courses especially, you need to give your brain time to absorb all the necessary information, if you try to cram it all in at once you’ll only remember half of it.

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