Ultimate List of Online Resources for High School Math


Updated: January 2024

My students know that I always have plenty of online resources for high school math on hand to help them with whatever they’re struggling with. 

I’ve dubbed myself the “Resource Queen” because if I don’t have the exact thing you’re looking for I can always create it or find it online somewhere. Not to mention the fact that my Google Drive has over 16GB of teaching resources 😁

I love researching new tools & strategies and creating new resources – but I developed those skills only AFTER starting university. Back in high school, I didn’t have the skills necessary to research and find the best tools, strategies, or resources…

…and I certainly wasn’t going to spend my free time learning how to either!

I figure it’s high time I created a master list of all the tools, strategies, and resources I’ve collected over the years – not just in my Google Drive and Chrome bookmarks – but here for all of you to access as well!

Before you ask “Natasha do you really have a resource for [insert struggle here]?”…


Here are some of the highlights to get you started, then dive in and take a look at some of the other fabulous resources on this list.

Natasha, do you really have a resource for…

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My top online resources for high school math students

Math Specific Resources


This is the free worksheets page. Kuta has a whole library of worksheets for every type of math problem you might face in high school. I use these regularly as examples and practice for my clients.

Spotlight - online resource for high school math: Kuta

Spotlight - online resource for high school math: CEMC Courseware

CEMC Courseware

This is by far the best website I’ve come across for math videos tailored to the Ontario high school curriculum. Unlike Khan Academy (which I also love) – the lessons were actually designed for our curriculum and use the same language our teachers do.


WolframAlpha is a CAS (Computer Algebra System) and does everything from quick calculations to complex calculus problems. It’s great to use for checking your work when the answer isn’t in the back of the textbook. I also use it to find errors when my answer doesn’t match the answer in the textbook. 

BBC Bitesize – Math

The BBC is a great resource from the UK. There are in depth math lessons with explanations and examples. They even have topic quizzes!

Jensen Math

This is a math website for the Ontario high school curriculum full of videos, lesson notes, worksheets, etc. It was created by an Ontario math teacher for his students and fellow teachers, and it’s absolutely amazing!

Organic Chemistry Tutor

This YouTube channel has plenty of videos for both math and chemistry. They’re clear and cover both high school and university topics.

How to Solve Word Problems in Math and Science

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that most students struggle to solve word problems in math and science. Let me show you an easier way.

Khan Academy Links for Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Data Management – PDF from Brock University

Calculus & Vectors – Resource Website

Photo Math – Math Solving App

Math in Real Life – TED-Ed collection

Desmos – Graphing Calculator

SolveMe Mobiles – Learn Algebra Through Puzzles



This is a focus timer app. Set a timer and plant a virtual tree. The tree grows as long as you stay focused on your work, but if you get distracted and leave the app your tree will die. As an added bonus for growing your tree, you also raise money to plant actual trees in the real world!

How to Study for Math and Science Exams

Learning how to study effectively for exams can be a challenge. Here’s a blog post with 5 tips to help you study for your math and science courses.

My Study Notes Templates

Ever wanted math and science study notes you’ll actually use?

I’ve compiled my entire process for creating organized and easy-to-use study notes into a step-by-step guide AND created handy templates for each step with sections for formulas, key concepts, examples, and more, so you’ll never leave anything important off your study notes again!

Active Learning: The Ultimate Study Hack To Boost Your Exam Scores!

Improve your exam scores with these effective active learning strategies! Summarize, practice, test, and reorganize to retain information longer.

Mastering Test-Taking: Strategies For High School Students

Feeling stressed about upcoming exams? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 12 effective test-taking strategies to help you succeed!

5 Easy Tips For An Effective Study Environment

Sometimes it’s not so easy to avoid distractions, no matter how good your intentions. Here are 5 easy tips for an effective study environment.

Quizlet – Flashcards

My Study Life – Homework & Calendar App

Freedom – Distraction Disabler

Organization & Productivity

Google Keep

Google Keep is essentially a digital sticky note and to-do list organizer, with some added perks such as sharing notes, adding photos and audio, and colour coding. It gets even more helpful when you’re off to university and need to keep track of your grocery list.

Spotlight - online resource for high school math: Google Keep

Office Lens (Android or iOS)

Office Lens is an app for your phone that allows you to snap a picture of a document or photo and flatten the image so that it looks as if it were scanned. This is super helpful if you missed class and are taking a picture of a friend’s notes.


I use this online whiteboard with my clients to keep everything organized. It has all the necessary features and a few extras that are particularly helpful for math students – like the built-in grid paper background!

Google Drive 

I LOVE Google Drive for keeping all of my documents and lessons organized and in one place. I sync my Drive with my computer for easy access on all my devices and the 15GB of storage I get for free is pretty awesome!


This is the free version of Grammarly but they have a paid version too. Grammarly is the best tool for checking your spelling and grammar because it doesn’t just highlight your errors, it makes suggestions on how to fix them too. I use the Chrome extension daily for emails and in my Google Docs. 

Mental Health

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a guided meditation app with over 55 000 free guided meditations. There are plenty of themed meditations to choose from and when you find a creator you like you can simply follow them to keep up to date on their new uploads. If you’re looking for a place to start Leslie McGeagh has lots of different ones to choose from, including how to calm an anxious mind.

Therapy in a Nutshell

This Youtube channel has lots of great videos to help you learn about and manage anxiety, stress, etc.

Calm – Meditation App

Student Focused

Thomas Frank

This Youtube channel is full of study tips, helpful app lists, and advice to de-stress your student life.

Student Life Network – Blog


10 tips for eLearning Success – PDF from Brock University

Learn at Home: Grades 9 to 12 – Government of Ontario Online Learning Resources

Cerebral Palsy Guide

This website page highlights lots of different resources available to families with students suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

Have you found an online resource for high school math to add to the list?

Send me an email at hello@natashacoskery.com

The Ultimate List of Online Resources for High School Math Students

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