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Hi, I'm Natasha.

Ready to ditch the overwhelm and learn math in a way that makes you feel confident?

Oh GOOD. That’s what I do best.

Here's the scoop.

Math can be learned just like everything else.

My job is to help you break through the barriers and beliefs that are holding you back.

Ready to ditch the overwhelm?


Start with a free 30-min consultation

Together, we’ll get crystal clear on what’s working, which skills to sharpen, & your best strategies to emphasize going forward.

You’ll leave with (at least) 1 tip you can start implementing right away—whether you decide to work with me or not!


Grab a personalized Exam Study Plan

A lot of students are winging it when it comes to exams and study prep. Sure, you’ve got your notes and a textbook but… 

Where do you start? When do you study? How much study time do you really need? And, oh yeah, you need to do this for 4 courses!

You NEED a step-by-step schedule and organized study plan so you don’t miss anything important in the study process.

Snag a done for you exam study plan.

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Learn About 1-1 Online Math Tutoring

There is lots I can help you with. From homework, assignments, test & exam prep, study skills, and challenging math concepts.

We will work closely to understand your goals, break through barriers, and build your confidence! I’ll help you create routines & habits that will keep you pushing towards your goal and teach you my favourite tips & tricks that make challenging math concepts easy to learn & understand.


“Working with Natasha has been such a good experience! She truly does as she promises, she “breaks through the barriers and beliefs that are holding you back”.”

- Solape A. -

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Meet Natasha


Math and teaching are the mac & cheese, coffee & doughnut, milk & cookie of my life – my perfect pairing.

I started tutoring younger students while I was in high school. I loved it so much I made it my part-time job while studying at university.

By 2015 I’d been tutoring professionally for 3 years and was about to graduate. I kept seeing students struggling with the same thing time and time again: they were unique but their education was not.

So, upon graduation, I decided to start my own tutoring business with the small hope of teaching each student in a way that embraced their uniqueness as a learner.

Only one problem… no one could find me or knew who I was.

Enter my nerdy tech brain. I got to work learning how to design and build a website and, after a few website iterations and failures, eventually launched in the summer of 2016.

Since then, I’ve worked at 2 different tutoring companies, become a certified math teacher, moved to the UK to teach for a year, helped build websites for family, and moved 6 times in 6 years!

I’ve worked with 100’s of stressed-out students, just like you.

I’ve developed customizable strategies, routines, and tips that help my students find their inner mathematician (yes – you do have one) so that they can confidently reach their goals.